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70% of Canadian brides (as well as ~60,000 US brides) search for their wedding dresses on the dressfinder. 400,968 times, this year, they looked up where to buy a dress on the site's store locator.

Nowhere else (print, online or in-person) can you reach so many of your customers - and engage them directly while they are actually dress shopping!

Don't get Lost in the Crowd

There are 5,773 retailers listed in the dressfinder's boutique listings & national store locators.

Activate your Bridal Network Membership and boost your profile & traffic with (i) an enhanced listing, (ii) priority top-ranked placement, (iii) publishing your inventory - a dressfinder first! - and (iv) preferred rates on emails & appointments from brides.

Raise your Profile
Grow your Audience

  • Enhanced Listing
    Premium, paid listings showcase your brand, your store and your dresses in full detail, including your social media, events, brides etc.
  • Preferred Placement & Exclusivity
    Premium, paid listings are shown at the top of all lists. In most cases they actually displace free listings (i.e. other shops for the same dress are not shown).

Book More Appointments

The dressfinder users are not just "surfing". When a bride looks at your profile, it is because she wants a dress that you sell.

So the site & app deliver more than just "clicks", or "views". They deliver actionable connections with brides: phonecalls, emails & appointments.

Showcase your Stock

Exclusively on the dressfinder!

You have 100s of thousands of dollars tied up in inventory; dresses and dresses and more dresses, just hanging from racks. We think you should make them work for you.

Let every bride know when you have her favourite dress in-stock, right now.

The dressfinder makes publishing your inventory really easy: just use the boutique manager app on your phone or computer to flag your stock.

Bonus: after you have posted your inventory on the dressfinder, you can use our free widget to also show them on your own website!

Sell Out your Sample Sales!
(or Trunk Shows)

Promote your events on the dressfinder, our social media and newsletter.

When you need a targeted audience, on demand, just let us know. We can get the word out, quickly and efficiently. A week's notice is usually more than enough.

For premium, paying members, this is included We simply follow you on social media (or you can add us to your media list). When something exciting is happenign at your shop, we let our brides know.

Fair, Flexible & Cost-Effective

Premium dressfinder plans work "like a cell phone". You pay:

  • Small monthly charges for the services to which you subscribe
  • Transactional traffic charges (billed in $20 "refills") for your ads & promotions

This performance-based model keeps your advertising fair & affordable. On slow months you pay very little, usually $18-$28. Even when it's busy, you only pay for what was delivered. In addition:

  • You can start/stop anytime.
  • There are no terms or contracts.
  • You can pay annually for an 18% discount.
  • Everything is managed & reported live, on this website.

Rate Card: Services

monthly annually
Network Membership
The core Bridal Network membership. Required for any managed service.
8.95 95.00
Listing & Link
Listing in all Bridal Network websites, directories & apps.
10.00 100.00
Event Publishing
Publishing all your events on our websites, apps, social media.
10.00 100.00
Fashion: Dress Inventory
Allows shop manager to track & display inventory, availability & pricing info.
10.00 100.00
Unlimited Traffic
Unlimited, no-charge clicks, dials, emails, appointments & leads. Replaces CPC.
40.00 400.00

Rate Card: Traffic & Transactional

non-members members
Store Locator Search
A User Looking up Retailers for a Dress or Collection
Directory Click
A User Clicking on a Vendor's Link (usually to visit their website).
Listing Dial
A User Clicking a Vendor's Telephone Link, and Completing the Dial (usually on mobile, possible on desktop).
Message / EMail
An Email/SMS/DM Inquiry Made by a User to A Vendor.
3.95 1.95
An Appointment Request Made by a User to A Vendor.
9.95 4.95

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