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The Old Way

Maintaining a proper website, is a chronic source of frustration for bridal shops everywhere.

  • Trying to keep up with ever-changing technologies.
  • Dealing with designers, developers & other assorted techno-geeks.
  • Constantly having to keep the website up-to-date.

It is expensive, exhausting and never ending. Worse, an outdated website can make you look bad!

So. many shops are abandoning their websites altogether and making-do with Facebook pages (not a good idea!)

The "Boutiques Live" Way

Boutiques Live is our solution for bridal boutique websites.

The platform was designed from the ground up specifically for this purpose. The sites are attractive, affordable & effective, yet require no technical knowledge and no work or management from you.

  • Fully Managed & hosted.
  • Include Fashion Lookbook Updates.
  • Phone & Tablet Ready
  • Live Inventory, including clearance samples
  • Very Affordable
  • Readily Customizable

Fully Managed : Zero Work for You.

Let us worry about technology, so you can focus on sales and happy customers.

  • we host, manage & monitor the websites
  • we also continuously upgrade them, adding new features and keeping up with the latest internet & social media developments

So you will never need a "web guy" again. You will have your own dedicated 24/7 web team, instead!

Turnkey: Complete & Customizable

Websites on the Boutiques Live platform do not need to be custom-designed & or built "from scratch". They have every page you need already included. We know this business and have anticipated most, if not all of your requirements:

  • dress galleries/lookbooks
  • store info & photos
  • testimonials & real brides
  • hours, maps & contact info
  • available pages for custom content, like accessories, tuxedos etc.

So we can have you up & running quickly, without stress or lengthy consultations. Usually in a couple of days or less.

But the final look is 100% yours. Layout, colors, graphics & fonts - you control the styling. Better yet, you can change it, as often as you wish. Even seasonally!

Your Entire Dress Catalogue
always Up-to-Date

Your designers release hundresds of new dresses every Spring & Fall. Keeping your website lookbook up-to-date, is either very time-consuming and/or very costly.

So most shops settle for simply linking-out to the designers' own websites. That is, you are sending your customers away, to websites with "store locators" listing all your competitors!

Stop Sending your Customers Away!

Boutiques Live websites come pre-loaded with all your dresses. Bridal, maids, mothers, prom; organised, classified, even grouped in "more dresses like this one" lists.

You never have to worry about it. Your lookbook is automatically updated by our staff, as the new collections are released. It's all included in the service.

We even make the high-resolution promotional "billboard" graphics for each of your collections.

Publish your Inventory
including Clearance Samples

How much further will a bride travel to visit you, if she knows you have her favourite dress in-stock (or even better, on sale) right now?

Using our proprietary platform, Boutiques Live makes posting your inventory a breeze. Just use our boutique manager app. Walk around the shop & add your dresses

You don't need to add photos or type descriptions. We have every special occasion dress on the system already. Just click your dress on the list and enter your sample's size (and, if on clearence, its price).

Network & Platform Advantages

Stronger (& cheaper!) Together

  • Boutiques Live websites share the same technology platform. Every upgrade is shared automatically with everyone, saving you a ton of money & effort.
  • The Bridal Network includes a number of other, larger properties. For example: every time you add a new clearance sample to your site, it is automatically featured on Widz (our national store sample search) and seen by hundreds of thousands of brides, everywhere.

Weddings are our Business

Don't settle for a website. Have Boutiques Live bridal website.

Where a regular website would have a "photo gallery", your site will have a custom bridal lookbook. With designers, silhouttes, MSRPs, sizes.

Where a normal website would report your "pageviews", your site will report Popular Dresses, Trending Styles & Bridal Budgets (look up our information on Insights)

Pricing: Site & Setup

Basic Site
  • text logo
  • white, black or pastel colour-theme
  • standard fonts
  • moving your domain
  • applying your logo & theme
  • adding your info, photos, hours, testimonials etc.
Custom Work
(*) Adding sections like Shoes or Tuxedos, plugins like Bridalive etc. We have never had to charge more than $200 for custom upgrades.

Pricing: Maintenance & Updates

monthly annual
Network Membership $8 $95
Hosting $10 $100
Fashion Updates
(per collection)
$2 $20
Inventory (optional) $10 $00

Rule of Thumb: 90% of active Live! Sites cost
~$500-$600 to setup and

Please be Patient.

Most Reports are generated live,
querying millions of rows of data.