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Smart Tools Put you in Control
Position & Promote your Collections

70% of Canadian brides (as well as ~60,000 US brides) search for their wedding dresses on the dressfinder.

Our online tools allow you to monitor, manage, position & promote your collections, as well as the state of the market in general, live, from your computer - even your tablet/phone.

Maximise Conversions. Sell Dresses

The dressfinder's users are actively dresss-shopping. They are motivated & highly engaged. The dressfinder delivers conversions, not mere "views".

  • 368,803 times, this year, they used the store locator to find a specific dress.
  • 3,166 of those lookups resulted in an immediate appointment - right there, on the dressfinder.
  • 276,093 others clicked to the retailer's website, for more info.

Stand Out in a Crowded Marketplace

There are 39,626 dresses in 532 collections currently showing in the dressfinder. The average bride notices (clicks and looks at details) ~10 dresses per visit, shortlists two or three.

Membership, Boosts & Features

  • A Premium dressfinder Membership moves your dresses ahead of the "general population", when brides search.
  • Boosting: You can further improve your placement by paying a small PPC charge ($0.01 CPC - $0.03 CPC).
  • Bonus: Boost right to the very top, to become one of the Featured Collections showcased on the front page of the dressfinder.

Boosting makes a big difference. Ex: The collection in the above screen (click it!) was boosted to $0.01-$0.02 CPC for a year. In that time, it logged 510% more store locator requests (!!) than the average collection (the blue line).

Ad Campaigns & Retargeting

With dressfinder banner campaigns you can support your brand, showcase your collections and promote your stores & events, on our properties but also beyond them.

Retargeting options (through Google & Facebook) allow you to "follow" our brides to their favourite websites & apps, even after they leave the dressfinder.

Ad rates are affordable & flexible. You can essentially set your own CPM/CPC rate. The higher-the rate, the higher the delivery. (*) current optimum CPMs are ~$5-$7.

Analytics & Market Insights

Our live reporting tools for fashion designers and distributors, let you know both how your own dresses are doing, but also what the brides are up to and how you compare to your competition.

Your Fashion Analytics track views, clicks, favourites & store locations on your collections and individual dresses - and compare it the market averages.

Up-to-date Market Insights report what the brides are searching, their favourite brands and designs, the specific styles that are trending (silhouettes, necklines etc). Also budgeting and geo-demographics.

Custom Reports: If there are some specific data you need, like regional or seasonal trends or in-depth analytics on one of your dresses or entire collection, just ask. We love numbers! We can deliver them as Excel or PDF or both.

  • The cost can vary from $200 to $2,000. We'll quote in advance
  • We can obviously only report your own numbers! Or anonymous market aggregates.

Rate Card

Like all Bridal Network products & services, dressfinder rates for Designers & their Distributors are performance-based.


The basic requirement for everything is a Network Membership (monthly or annual). It unlocks access to advanced Analytics & Insights, and it is required for promotional products, like Boosting or Retargeting Campaigns.

The Membership cost is variable and is calculated automatically using a formula based on your (i) number of collections, (ii) number stockists and (iii) number of regions in which you sell. It can be as little as $20/month or as much as $500/month (see examples).

Membership Examples

monthly annually
Startup Designer
One collection, four stockists in four regions
$30 $300
Established Designer
Three collections, 85 stockists each, in 10 regions
$278 $2,780
Large Distributor
Seven collections, 50 stockists each (avg), in 10 regions
$398 $3,980


Boosting applies small CPC costs to your dresses, to "bid" them higher.

Boosting rates are not fixed: they depend on the size in the collection, the number of stockists, what brides search, what brides like etc. The table below is fairly representative of what to expect. We are using store locator lookups as the best success indicator.

Boosting Cost Samples
** not a rate card - actual results vary **

(*) er month,
per 100 dresses
store lookups boosting charges
No Boost 10-40 $0
Membership 20-60 $0
Tier 3 30-80 $10
Tier 2 50-120 $25
Tier 1 100-150 $40

Please be Patient.

Most Reports are generated live,
querying millions of rows of data.