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All Bridal Network properties & services run on our proprietary transactional ad engine. Everything is tracked, logged & cross-indexed, starting way back in 2001! All this data is compiled into useful reports, daily, and made available as our live wedding planning & bridal fashion Insights to all of our members.

Our premium members can control report options, or request in-depth custom reports on the metrics most important to their business. Some representative examples, below.

Wedding Insights : State of the Market

{ available to everyone }.

  • Are there more or less brides this year?
  • Are the brides planning further ahead?
  • Are they shopping or just browsing? Are they booking appointments?

(*) Custom, in-depth reports are also available, upon request, to our premier members. Demographics, geo-targeted trends, comparisons with previous seasons etc.

Fashion Insights : Bridal Brands

{ available to boutiques, fashion designers & distributors }.

  • Which fashion brands do brides search by name?
  • Which ones do they browse the longest?
  • Which ones do they add to their Favourites lists?.
  • Which ones do they actually seek to try, in stores?

And how do these trend over time? Is your marketing producing the desired results?

Fashion Insights : Styles

{ available to boutiques, fashion designers & distributors }.

  • Silhouettes, Necklines, Sleeves, Straps
  • Plan next season's designs and/or next season's purchasing, based on what your customers are favouriting, today

(*) Custom, in-depth reports (eg. strapless fit & flare versus cap sleeve, or which styles are searched versus favourited etc) are also available, upon request, to our premier designer members (see Dressfinder for Designers for details)

Fashion Insights : Budgets

{ available to boutiques, fashion designers & distributors }.

  • How much are brides budgeting for their dresses?
  • How much do they end up spending?
  • Have their budgets changed since last year? Last Season?

Anticipate your market, plan your stock and your advertising accordingly.

Click the attached image. See that "bump" over the $5,000 mark? That wasn't there the year before. That's good news! Optimism.

Please be Patient.

Most Reports are generated live,
querying millions of rows of data.