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Widz (widz.ca & widz.us) is our latest service. It was launched in Spring 2018 as a spinoff of the dressfinder's clearance listings - separating full-price from discounted inventory for our participating retailers.

Widz allows brides, bridesmaids, mothers & grads to search through discounted bridal & special occasion in-store samples.

(*) no second-hand or for-sale-by-owner dresses are listed. Only new clearance samples, for sale by reputable retailers.

Easy! No photo uploads or data entry.

Widz runs off the dressfinder's national lookbook, already containing over 40,000 current & discontinued dresses.

So posting samples is every easy, our boutique manager app on a computer or phone:

  • click on the designer and dress
  • enter the sample's size & price
  • (optionally) select the sample's colour (ivory, white, midnight blue etc) from the list
  • (optionally) post a photo right off your phone

(*) We can also do batch-posts, if the list is very long. Automatically included for every new store.

No eCommerce Necessary

Widz does not require that we process the sale - or charge commission!

The buyers always have questions about the dress, sizing, shipping etc. So Widz simply directs the user to call or email the seller - or book an appointment, if they are located near.

Emails and appointments are stored and can be viewed later in the boutique manager, so they are never lost in "spam" etc.

Flexible & Very Affordable

Consistent with the Bridal Network philosophy, Widz fees for participating shops are largely transactional & performance based. You pay:

  • a monthly subscription of $18
    (our $8 Network Membership + $10 for Inventory Management)
  • traffic & performance charges:
    • $0.50/referral
      (users who specifically look up your shop info)
    • $1.95/email
    • $4.95/appointment
      (for local users who wish to visit the shop)

So if the the service is not really producing results for you, for any reason (perhaps location, age of samples, season), your cost is kept at an absolute minimum.

The overa;; idea is that you should only need to "sell a single dress per year" to turn a profit!

Show the Dresses on Your Own Website, using our Widget

Widz is great to show your clearance inventory to the World, but what about your existing, local audience?

If you wish to also show your samples on your own website, no problem! We wil supply our ready-to-go website widget (a "plugin") that will instantly show a live lookbook of your samples (live example).

Please be Patient.

Most Reports are generated live,
querying millions of rows of data.